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Marc and Tess

Franklin Moore photographed our wedding in 1997 and since that time we have referred five other couples to Franklin for wedding photography. All of the couples we have referred to Franklin had seen our wedding album and commented on the great job done by our photographer. Each of them ended up booking Franklin for their weddings.

Our planning a wedding in Ohio while living in California was a bit of a challenge. We were having a particularly difficult time finding a photographer. Your wedding pictures are your memories of your special day and we wanted to be sure to get someone who would do a good job. Most of the photographers in the Cleveland area didn't want to send a sample album to us and we really wanted to view the work of the photographer before we booked him or her to do our wedding.

We met Franklin at a bridal show and were impressed with the albums he presented. He suggested we might want to consider hiring a local photographer to do the wedding - rather than a photographer in the city where we were being married. He pointed out that by hiring a local photographer we wouldn't have to shuttle our photos and albums back and forth through the mail during the picture selection and album assembly process. After meeting with Franklin and viewing several examples of his work we booked him to photograph our wedding. Despite the fact that he had to fly to get there his price was competitive with the Cleveland area photographers we had interviewed. An added bonus was that since he was coming in from out of state he was essentially ours for the entire weekend rather than just a few hours like with a Cleveland photographer. He arrived on time and did a fantastic job.

Our wedding was in the fall. The pictures are spectacular. We were married at a Tudor mansion that was built in the 1400s in England and brought over to the States at the end of the nineteenth century. Franklin took the time to scout out the grounds before the wedding and took photos of the bridal party and us at various picturesque locations on the property. The photos really capture the natural beauty of the area and the season. We also liked the fact that Franklin did not place us in unnatural or unrealistic poses like we had seen some photographers do at other weddings. The pictures look like us! Franklin was great working with an exhausted bride, the five year old ring bearer and four year old flower girl, twelve attendants and tons of family. He even managed to get a terrific posed shot of your entire family of 45 people. Franklin caught every moment and emotion at the wedding and reception.

In 1998 we used Franklin again to photograph and videotape our first anniversary celebration in Las Vegas. We were remarried at midnight on our anniversary by an Elvis impersonator at the Graceland Chapel of Love. I was seven months pregnant with our first child at the time - it was quite an event. (If you see the pictures, you'll know what I mean.) We have also used Franklin for family photos on the beach since that time. My little boy will be ring bearer in a wedding this fall and Franklin has been hired as the photographer for that event too. He has always done a great job and is the best you will find - no doubt about it!